Muslim must try to acquire.
Below we give, in the words of the Holy Quran and
the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the chief qualities a
Muslim should display:
1. Truthfulness:
“O you who believe! keep your duty to Allah and
speak straight, true words.” (Holy Quran 33:70)
“O you who believe, keep your duty to Allah, and be
with the truthful people.” (9:119)
“Be maintainers of justice and bearers of true
witness for Allah, even if it (the truth) goes against
your own selves or parents or relatives or someone
who is rich or poor.” (4:135)
2. Sincerity:
“Serve Allah, being sincere to Him in
obedience.” (39:2)
“It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say
things which you do not do.” (61:3)
“Woe to those who pray but are unmindful of their
prayers, who do good to be seen.” (107:4-6)
3. Unselfishness:
“You cannot attain to righteousness unless you
spend (in charity) out of those things which you
love.” (3:91)
“They (the true believers) give food, out of love for
Allah, to the poor, the orphan and the slave, saying:
We feed you only for Allah’s pleasure – we desire
from you neither reward nor thanks.” (76:8-9)
“Do no favour seeking gain.” (74:6)
4. Humility:
“The servants of the Beneficent (Allah) are those
who walk on the earth in humility.” (25:63)
“Do not turn your face away from people in
contempt, nor go about in the land
exultingly.” (31:18)
“Do not ascribe purity to yourselves. Allah knows
best who is righteous.” (53:32)
5. Patience:
“Allah loves those who are patient.” (3:145)
“Give good news to the patient, who, when a
misfortune befalls them, say: We are Allah’s and to
Him do we return.” (2:155-156)
6. Forgiveness:
“Pardon (people) and overlook (their faults). Don’t
you love that Allah should forgive you.” (24:22)
“(The dutiful are) . . . those who restrain their anger
and pardon people. Allah loves those who do good
to others.” (3:134)
“Whenever they (true believers) are angry they
forgive.” (42:37)
“The recompense of evil is punishment like it. But
whoever forgives (an evil committed against
himself) and amends (matters), his reward is with
Allah. . . . Whoever is patient and forgives, that is a
matter of great resolution.” (42:40, 43)
When the Holy Prophet Muhammad defeated his
enemies in Makka and returned to that city as its
conqueror, he forgave them in the following words:
“No reproof be against you this day; Allah may
forgive you, and He is the most Merciful of those
who show mercy.” (12:92)
7. Purity and cleanliness:
“He indeed is successful who purifies himself (in
mind and body), and remembers the name of his
Lord, then prays.” (87:14-15)
“Purify your garments and shun
uncleanness.” (74:4-5)
8. Honesty:
“Don’t go near the property of an orphan, except in
a goodly way, till he attains maturity. And fulfil the
promise (you make) . . .. Give full measure when
you measure out, and weigh with a true
balance.” (17:34-35)
“Do not swallow up your property among yourselves
by false means, nor offer it as a bribe to the officials
so that you may swallow up other people’s property
unlawfully while you know.” (2:188)
9. Goodness and kindness to others:
“Allah commands you to uphold justice and to do
good to others and to give to the relatives.” (16:90)
Three degrees of doing good are mentioned here:
“justice,” which means returning any good that
someone has done you with equal good; “do good
to others,” which means taking the initiative in
doing good to others; and “give to the relatives,”
which means doing good to people instinctively and
naturally just as one does good to one’s close
“Do good to others, surely Allah loves those who do
good to others.” (2:195)
10. Consideration and respect for others:
“O you who believe! do not enter houses other than
your own until you have asked permission and
greeted the inmates . . . and if it is said to you, ‘Go
back’, then go back.” (24:27-28)
“O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion
(against others), for surely suspicion in some cases
is sin; and do not spy (into other people’s affairs),
nor let some of you backbite others.” (49:12)
“When you are greeted with a greeting, greet with
one better than it, or return it (in the same terms at
least).” (4:86)
11. Courage:
Speaking of a small number of Muslims facing a big
and powerful enemy, the Quran relates:
“Those to whom men said: people have gathered
against you, so fear them; but this increased their
faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and He
is an excellent Guardian.” (3:173)
12. Moderation:
“Eat and drink, but do not be immoderate.” (7:31)
“Do not chain your hand to your neck (so that you
are mean in spending), nor stretch it out to the
utmost limit (so that you waste everything).” (17:29)
Regarding the performance of religious duties, the
Holy Prophet has given the following advice:
“Religion is easy, but any one who exerts himself
too much in religious devotions will get overcome
by it; so you should just act rightly, and keep to the
mean, and be of good cheer, and ask for Allah’s
help morning, evening, and a part of the
night.” (Bukhari.)
13. Cheerfulness:
“Be of good cheer.” (Holy Prophet inBukhari.)
“It is an act of charity to meet your fellow with a
cheerful face.” (Holy Prophet inMishkat.)
Finally, we give a verse of the Holy Quran
mentioning a number of qualities a Muslim, man or
woman, should try to acquire:
“The truthful men and the truthful women, the
patient men and the patient women, the humble men
and the humble women, the charitable men and the
charitable women, the fasting men and the fasting
women, the men who guard their chastity and the
women who guard their chastity, the men who
remember Allah much and the women who
remember Allah much – for all these Allah has
prepared forgiveness and a great reward.” (33:35)

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